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The Exposure Inventory
from the Merritt Risk Management Manual
















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We live in troubled times. Ordinary issues like workers’ comp are flaring up again, after years of relative calm; terrorism and political risk—once worries only for high-profile multinationals—are real threats to any facility with a mail box. Risk management has never been a more important part of business decisions.

Are you prepared? With the Merritt Risk Management Manual, you will be. The Manual has been updated to reflect the hard realities of the post-9/11 world. But it remains the “encyclopedia of risk”—part glossary, part primer, part graduate-level seminar. Its sections include:
• a mathematical and statistical primer on risk management;
• an overview of the commercial lines insurance markets—how they work and how their claims are processed;
• a review of specialty insurance markets—and where you can find effective, though little-known coverage;
• strategies for building layers of insurance and self-insurance protection;
• a legal perspective on risk;
• how progressive management can minimize any organization’s chances of loss;
• an experienced guide to disaster management;
• sections dedicated to risk issues in specific industry sectors; and
• a comprehensive Exposure Inventory and vulnerability assessment tool.
Many subscribers say that the Exposure Inventory is, itself, worth the price of subscription. We say the whole Risk Management Manual serves as a consultant-in-a-box, ready to answer detailed and technical questions at a moment’s notice, 24/7/365.

We are celebrating the Merritt Risk Management Manual's 35 years of continuous publication with this special offer: Click on the link below to buy this Manual for just $149.95. That's the best price we've ever offered...it's more than 75% off of the standard retail price. And you'll only find this offer here.


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