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Introductory Offer: The Merritt Cyber Risk Management Manual on CD-ROM for only $199.95.

The first completely new Merritt Manual in more than five years, this state-of-the-art technical reference gives you a 360-degree perspective on cyber risks and how to identify, manage and insure them.

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Long-time Merritt Manual contributors and editors combine their expertise with recommendations and advice from professionals from the IT, legal and online-commerce worlds. The result provides background and insight on how to handle the fastest-growing area of enterprise risk management.

This is more than a few chapters from a book. Or a collection of news articles. It’s an in-depth discussion of technical risks—and how you can prevent them, control them or transfer them.

The recommended retail price for this new Merritt Manual is $419.95. But, as part of this direct-from-the-publisher introductory offer, you can buy the charter edition of the Merritt Cyber Risk Management Manual for only $199.95. That’s more than 50 percent off…and the best price you’ll see anywhere.

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Here’s the Merritt Cyber Risk Management Manual’s Table of Contents:

Privacy, Security and Risk in Cyberspace

Part One: The Mechanics of Cyber Security
Chapter 1: Online and Internet Risks
Chapter 2: Who Can Look at Personal Information
Chapter 3: Phones
Chapter 4: Hackers
Chapter 5: Phishing
Chapter 6: Spoofing
Chapter 7: Spam
Chapter 8: Spyware
Chapter 9: Cameras, GPS, RFIDs and Tracking Devices
Chapter 10: Privacy on the Internet
Chapter 11: Telephone Privacy
Chapter 12: Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging
Chapter 13: The Cloud…and Physical Devices

Part Two: Identity Theft
Chapter 14: Why ID Theft Remains Such a Problem
Chapter 15: The Problems Caused By Existing ID Tools
Chapter 16: The Mechanics of ID Theft
Chapter 17: Securing Personal Data
Chapter 18: Protecting People’s Identities
Chapter 19: Insuring against Identity Theft

Part Three: Human Factors/The Psychology of Cyber Security
Chapter 20: What Is Security Online and in Cyberspace?
Chapter 21: Trouble Can Happen to You…No Matter Who You Are
Chapter 22: Family and Household Issues
Chapter 23: Online Commerce, Auction and eBay Frauds
Chapter 24: How Thieves and Predators Stalk Their Prey
Chapter 25: Selfishness, Desperation and Vanity
Chapter 26: Cyber Criminals Like to Move Fast
Chapter 27: Thieves and Predators Groom Their Victims
Chapter 28: The Internet Warps Peoples’ Perspectives

Part Four: Banks, Financial Institutions and Personal Financial Information
Chapter 29: Financial Planning Security in the Internet Age
Chapter 30: Financial Frauds and Swindles
Chapter 31: How Online Commerce Affects Credit Scores and Ratings
Chapter 32: Dealing with Banks and Credit Bureaus in Cyberspace
Chapter 33: Data Mining
Chapter 34: Data Brokers
Chapter 35: Online Banking & Privacy
Chapter 36: Investment, Business and Banking Scams
Chapter 37: Mortgage Frauds in Cyberspace

Part Five: Health and Medical Information
Chapter 38: Medical Privacy & HIPAA
Chapter 39: Medical ID Theft
Chapter 40: Moving toward Online Medical Records
Chapter 41: How the ACA and Other Laws Affect Personal Medical Data

Part Six: Small Businesses and Cyber Risks
Chapter 42: Business Formation and Partnership Agreements in Cyberspace
Chapter 43: Leases, Landlords and Contracts with Parties You’ll Never Meet
Chapter 44: Virtual Workers, Leased Employees and Contractors
Chapter 44: Insurance for Business Cyber Risks
Chapter 45: Computer Networks, Hardware and E-Commerce
Chapter 46: Privacy in the Virtual Workplace
Chapter 47: Intellectual Property Assets and Rights

Part Seven: Sex, Stalkers and Personal Cyber Risks
Chapter 48: Cyberbullies
Chapter 49: Pornography, Internet Sex and Related Risks
Chapter 50: Dating Sites, Russian Brides and Sweetheart Scams
Chapter 51: Cyberstalkers
Chapter 52: Families, Children & Privacy Online
Chapter 53: Buildings Barriers in a Cyber World/Some People Invite Trouble

Part Eight: What the Government Can—and Can’t—Do
Chapter 54: Laws and Governmrnt Agencies that Protect You…or Don’t
Chapter 55: Privacy & Government Actions
Chapter 56: What Federal, State and Local Law Can—and Can’t—Do
Chapter 57: How the Law Responds
Chapter 58: Legal Bureaucracies
Chapter 59: Questions of Jurisdiction

Part Nine: Terrorists and Political Risks
Chapter 60: Terrorism in Cyberspace
Chapter 61: Hacking as an Act of War
Chapter 62: Management of Political Risks Online
Chapter 63: How to Manage Asymmetrical Risks
Chapter 64: When Cyber Risks Cross into the Physical World

Part Ten: Prevention, Insurance and Hardening Targets
Chapter 65: Managing Hard-to-Insure Risks
Chapter 66: Managing Online and Computer Crime Risks
Chapter 67: Red Flags and Black Marks
Chapter 68: Prevention
Chapter 69: Changing Enterprise Cultures and Employee Lifestyles
Chapter 70: What You Can Do….

Cyber Security Is a Mind-set

As part of this direct-from-the-publisher introductory offer, you can buy the charter edition of the Merritt Cyber Risk Management Manual for only $199.95. That’s more than 50 percent off the standard retail price..

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