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Some book reviewers have called Silver Lake Publishing a "libertarian press." We think of our publications as more practical than political. Silver Lake Publishing's mission—to give readers tools for making smart, aggressive decisions about risk, security and financial matters—has been the same since we started.

Much of what's published elsewhere about business and money pushes agendas, either explicitly or implicitly. Personal finance books and newsletters are often written by people promoting mutual funds or other investment vehicles. Management books are written by people who want to sell you their tapes or consulting services. Books and articles on security sometimes encourage fear.

Not here. We think the information economy makes smart people starved for informed, independent analysis.

Company Bio

Silver Lake publishes four to seven new titles a year (and several more new editions of older publications) by authors from across the business and political spectrums on topics related to popular economics, health care, regulatory affairs, risk theory, insurance and security. Our best-selling books include: Identity Theft; The Under 40 Financial Planning Guide; Practical Privacy ; Scams and Swindles; and True Odds: How Risk Affects Your Everyday Life. Among our most popular technical publications are The Merritt Risk Management Manual and the newly-released Merritt Affordable Care Act Manual.

Publisher James Walsh has been an editor and manager at Silver Lake and its corporate predecessor, Merritt Publishing, since 1992. Before joining Merritt, Walsh was a senior editor at California Business magazine, where he received various journalism awards—including the Western Publications Association’s “Maggie” award and the American Association of Business Publishing’s award for editorial excellence.

A cum laude graduate of Amherst College, Walsh lives in Aberdeen, Washington, with his wife and five children.

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To reach our staff via e-mail (for any reason other than project submissions), use the links below:
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We welcome submissions. Please send them to the following address:

Silver Lake Publishing
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Attn: Editors

We will need a synopsis or outline and two sample chapters to evaluate your proposal. Include a cover letter and an author bio or resumé. We must receive these documents via regular mail or similar carriers (Fed Ex, etc.) for consideration. Do not e-mail your submission. Our editors do not open unfamiliar e-mail.

Typically, it can take 6-8 weeks to make a submittal decision. We ask that you remain patient. Our editorial staff is dedicated but small. Some advice: Study our titles. We love submissions that show an understanding of our mission and help us expand on it. But as an independent publisher, our survival depends on growing our list of titles in a sustainable way. No fiction or poetry please.

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