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CATALOG SECTION: Medicine and Health Care; TITLE: 10 Things You Need to Know Before You See the Doctor; AUTHOR: Sheldon Lipshutz M.D.
10 Things You Need to Know Before You See the Doctor
A Physician's Advice from More than 40 Years of Practicing Medicine
by Sheldon Lipshutz M.D.
ISBN: 1-56343-781-3
Trade Paperback (6”x9”)
286 pages
Retail $17.95 $8.95
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Get Sheldon Lipshutz, MD's perennial bestseller in carton quantity for your clients and prospects. This book will give them practical tools that they need to get good medical care in turbulent, changing times. Dr. Lipshutz gives readers an “insider’s perspective” on how hospitals and medical offices work—and tips for making sure they get high-quality care, regardless of what insurance or government service they use.

Here’s the Table of Contents from 10 Things You Need to Know Before You See the Doctor:

Introduction: “Help, I Need a Doctor!”
One: Being a Patient Is Something You Learn
Two: The Doctor Isn’t Always Right
Three: Pain Is a Signal for You to Take Inventory
Four: Surgery Is Always Scary but Preparing Makes It Easier than You Think
Five: Health Plans and Doctors Are Choices You Make
Six: Diagnosing Requires Teamwork—You and Your Doctor
Seven: Every Pill, Every Swallow Counts
Eight: Women Have a Lot to Worry About
Nine: Children and the Elderly Need Extra Attention
Ten: Know Yourself and Your Body
Conclusion: “Doctor, Before We Begin…”

Here’s what Midwest Book Review wrote about this book:

Dr. Sheldon Lipshutz's advice comes from his 40+ years practicing medicine and covers all the basics for making good decisions when seeing the doctor; from understanding health insurance and options for second or third opinions to understanding pain management, how to spot an unscrupulous doctor, and how to assure the right attention from hospital staff. An invaluable guide, 10 Things You Need To Know Before You See The Doctor: A Physician's Advice From More Than 40 Years Of Practicing Medicine is a recommended addition to family and community library medical reading lists and reference collections.


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