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CATALOG SECTION: Personal Finance; TITLE: Early to Rise; AUTHOR: Michael Stahl
Early to Rise
A Young Adult's Guide to Investing and the Financial Decisions that Shape Your Life
by Michael Stahl
ISBN: 1-56343-739-2
Trade Paperback (6” x 9”)
252 pages
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Michael Stahl’s latest money management book for teens and young adults focuses on setting up and building investment clubs. Use this bestseller (cited by The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Television and CNN) as client development gift. Get one book for a good price...20 books for a better price...and 38 books for the best price available anywhere.

Your clients and prospects—and their kids—will be grateful to you for years to come.

Here's what the Midwest Book Review said about Early to Rise:

An excellent introduction to the world of finance. Now in an updated second edition, Early To Rise: A Young Adult's Guide To Saving, Investing, And Financial Decisions That Can Shape Your Life is a guide to money matters in plain English terms, written especially for young people just starting out on their own. In an era when conventional wisdom warns against depending on benefits such as Social Security or Medicare as younger generations get older, Early To Rise takes the next logical step—teaching the reader how to develop an investor's mentality, the basics of money management and mutual funds, how to use stocks and youth to one's advantage, how to spot winning stocks and dump losers (hint: don't just look at how the stock has performed in the past, study the company's financial reports and prospects), and perhaps the most valuable investing advice of all, never get greedy. An excellent introduction to the world of finance.

Here's the Table of Contents from Early to Rise:

Introduction: Why Now?
Chapter 1: Develop an Investor’s Mentality
Chapter 2: Basic Money Management
Chapter 3: Evolution of the Young Investor
Chapter 4: Stocks…What Are They?
Chapter 5: How to Use Stocks
Chapter 6: Using Youth to Your Advantage
Chapter 7: Getting Comfortable with the Market
Chapter 8: Mutual Funds 101
Chapter 9: Investment Clubs
Chapter 10: Operating an Investment Club
Chapter 11: Stalking Winners
Chapter 12: Dumping Losers
Appendix A: Simple Stock Worksheet
Appendix B: Internet Resources
Appendix C: Web Sites for Young Investors
Appendix D: Media Databases
Appendix E: Financial Magazines & Journals
Appendix F: Stock Brokers, etc.
Appendix G: Discussion Groups & Chat rooms
Appendix H: Government Agencies & Regulators
Appendix I: Useful Books
Appendix J: When to Buy
Appendix K: When to Sell

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