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CATALOG SECTION: Family Matters; TITLE: Sexual Predators; AUTHOR: Stephen Dean
Sexual Predators
How to Recognize Them on the Internet and on the Street. How to Keep Your Kids Away
by Stephen Dean
ISBN: 1-56343-794-5
Trade Paperback (6” x 9”)
252 pages
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There’s no easy way to discuss this difficult subject. And there’s no insurance to protect against it. But every parent, every family, worries about the risk of their children being victimized by sexual predators. Most of the media attention given to the subject focuses on how the predators behave once they’ve been caught. This book—from award-winning television news producer Stephen Dean—gives parents and families examples of how predators behave when they are staling and “grooming” their victims. Using actual transcripts of phone conversations, emails and text messages, Dean gives readers the tools to recognize predatory behavior before it becomes a crime.

Here’s the Table of Contents from Sexual Predators:

Introduction: They’re Flooding the Internet
Chapter 1: Hooking Up
Chapter 2: How Sexual Predators Stalk Their Prey
Chapter 3: Selfishness, Desperation & Vanity
Chapter 4: Predators Like to Move Fast
Chapter 5: Predators Groom Their Victims
Chapter 6: Predators’ Excuses
Chapter 7: Predators Don’t Change Their Spots
Chapter 8: Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging
Chapter 9: Kids Invite Predators In
Chapter 10: Web Cameras and Other Devices
Chapter 11: The Internet Warps Kids’ Perspectives
Chapter 12: Corporate Sponsorship of Child Sex Chat Rooms
Chapter 13: How the Law Responds
Chapter 14: A Child’s Diary of Being Attacked
Chapter 15: Child Pornography & Legal Bureaucracy
Chapter 16: Protecting Kids from Themselves
Conclusion: Threats on the Horizon

This is what one amazon.com reviewer wrote about Sexual Predators:

I have seen [Stephen Dean] many, many times on the local & national news. He is blunt, direct and in the predators face, it's obvious he cares for the children and teens he fights so hard to protect. I hope every parent takes note from this, I know I'm a better mother from his actions and stories.


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