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SECTION: Law and Politics; TITLE: The Value of a Good Idea; AUTHOR: The Silver Lake Editors
The Value of a Good Idea
Protecting Intellectual Property in an Information Economy
by The Silver Lake Editors
ISBN: 978-156343-7458
Trade Paperback (8” x 10”)
436 pages
Retail $24.95 
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This book is a comprehensive handbook on copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and proprietary information for individuals and small businesses. It explains concepts like fair use, infringement, permission and license in plain English. And it has been adopted as a course text by the Art Institutes, several campuses of the California State University system and numerous other universities.

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1 copy: $14.95 each
18 copies: $5.95 each ($107.10 for the carton)
add $4.00 shipping and handling to each order

Here’s what some media outlets have written about The Value of a Good Idea:

The Value of a Good Idea ranges across such topics as fair use of the Net, trademarks and copyrights, and patents and patent infringements. It’s dizzying stuff for a layman to digest in one or two sittings, but the 430 pages are well-written and are worth the $24.95 asking price to any businessperson venturing near the Net and intellectual property. – Sacramento Business Journal

This is an amazing book. I’ve bought and read dozens of books on IP issues: copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, customer lists, etc. I’d never found one book that dealt with everything until one of my clients suggested this one. It’s long but thorough. It’s written in plain English. And it’s especially good on trade secrets, proprietary information and things like customer lists. The authors understand the difference between the things small businesses or individuals need to know and the things giant companies care about. Most IP books are for lawyers and big corporations. This one is for everyone else. – Amazon.com

And here’s the Table of Contents:

Introduction: What Is Intellectual Property? 5
Part One: Copyrights
Chapter 1: What Is Copyrightable Material? 15
Chapter 2: Authors and Author Issues 37
Chapter 3: Copyright Infringement 67
Chapter 4: Fair Use of Copyrighted Material 85
Chapter 5: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act 109
Part Two: Trademarks
Chapter 6: The Mechanics of Trademarks 133
Chapter 7: Trade Dress 177
Chapter 8: Confusion, Dilution & Secondary Meaning 197
Chapter 9: Internet Issues 229
Part Three: Patents
Chapter 10: How Patents Work 261
Chapter 11: Patent Infringement 287
Part Four: Other Intellectual Property
Chapter 12: Submission, Implied Contracts & Other Issues 309
Chapter 13: Right to Privacy 327
Chapter 14: Right to Publicity 337
Chapter 15: Damages to Reputation 363
Chapter 16: Trade Secrets 393
Conclusion: The Value of A Good Idea 415
Appendix A: List of Resources 419
Appendix B: Property Durations 425
Index 429


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23 February 2020

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