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SECTION: Popular Economics; TITLE: Use History Like a Tool; AUTHOR: Steven Levi
Use History Like a Tool
An Unconventional Guide to Reading the Past and Managing the Future
by Steven Levi
ISBN: 978-156343-7748
Trade Paperback (6” x 9”)
298 pages
Retail $19.95 
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This book—winner of the University of Oklahoma’s Thatcher-Hoffman Prize for Creative Thinking—is a perennial bestseller for Silver Lake Publishing. Estate-planning advisors have purchased the book in carton quantity as a client giveaway…and several large carriers have purchased the book for their managers. Author Steven Levi focuses on lessons on decision-making over looked by traditional historians. He shows that history offers trends that connect ideas and actions—and gives readers tools for applying these connections in their everyday business and life.

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1 copy: $9.95 each
28 copies $3.95 each ($110.60 for the carton)
add $4.00 shipping and handling to each order

Here’s what one enthusiastic reviewer has written about Use History Like a Tool:

…if Levi decided to use his powers for evil and start a cult based on this book, I’d be the first to sign up. – epinions.com

And here’s the Table of Contents:

Introduction: “History Repeats Itself” 5
Chapter 1: Movement vs. Motion 21
Chapter 2: The Laws of Movement 77
Chapter 3: The Laws of Non-Movement 105
Chapter 4: Signs of Ossification 157
Chapter 5: Myths and History 197
Chapter 6: The Power of the Individual 225
Conclusion: Human Interaction in Action 241
Appendix A: 251
Appendix B: 261


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21 October 2020

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