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CATALOG SECTION: Law and Politics; TITLE: Liberty in Troubled Times; AUTHOR: James Walsh


Special: Liberty in Troubled Times
Liberty in Troubled Times
A Libertarian Guide to Laws, Society, Freedom and Rights in a Terrorized World
James Walsh
ISBN: 1-56343-778-3
Trade Paperback (6"x9")
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Frustrated that big-government types and their media allies frame issues that need to be addressed in American culture? You’re not alone. There are plenty of books on the market that talk about political tactics…but steer clear of the political philosophy that determines how debates play in public. Here is a strong tool for leveling that playing field.

Liberty in Troubled Times: A Libertarian Guide to Laws, Society, Freedom and Rights in a Terrorized World

As seen on C-SPAN. Don’t blame al Qaida. Don’t blame Iraq. Look to yourself. Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the United States has been swinging from one extreme to another. At first, most citizens were so worried about being killed that they called for security at almost any cost. Then, when that cost became clear, some citizens protested that the amount was too high. From a keen libertarian perspective, this book analyzes the effects of 9/11—and some Americans’ childish notions of “liberty,” demonstrating that Americans’ ideas of liberty had been blurring for years.

Table of Contents;
Introduction: Liberty/Statism Replaces Liberal/Conservative
Part One: Freedoms and Rights
Chapter 1: Speech
Chapter 2: Religion
Chapter 3: Privacy
Chapter 4: Property
Chapter 5: Guns
Part Two: Fundamental Concepts
Chapter 6: The Philosophy of Liberty
Chapter 7: Liberty and the Marketplace
Chapter 8: Life and Death
Chapter 9: Liberty Versus Anarchy
Part Three: Mechanics
Chapter 10: Habeas Corpus
Chapter 11: Posse Comitatus and Martial Law
Chapter 12: Secret Courts
Chapter 13: Immigrants and Immigration
Chapter 14: Foreign Policy
Part Four: Politics
Chapter 15: Liberty and the Libertarian Party
Chapter 16: Liberty Makes Strange Bedfellows
Chapter 17: Quibbling Among Statists
Part Five: Problems
Chapter 18: The Patriot Act
Chapter 19: The Department of Homeland Security
Chapter 20: Racial Profiling, Identity Politics and Hate Crimes
Part Six: Lifestyle
Chapter 21: Sex and Marriage…and Gay Marriage
Chapter 22: The War on Drugs and Legalization
Chapter 23: Liberty in Cyberspace
Chapter 24: Travel and Transportation
Conclusion: Liberty Means Responsibility
336 pp. ISBN: 978- 156343-7786. 6” x 9” paper. $19.95.

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18 November 2019

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