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The Merritt Insurance Manualsn

  The Merritt/Commercial Risks Manual and Excess & Surplus Lines Manual 2014 CD-ROM Editions
Standard Price: $679.80
Special Offer: $239.95

INCLUDES: Commercial Property Coverage,CGL Insurance, Product Liability, Professional Liability, Surety Bonds, Kidnap/Ransom and Buy/Sell Agreements

Get the Reference Resources that Explain Them All.

The Merritt Strategies for Insurance Coverage Manual and Commercial Risks Manual have been standard insurance industry reference texts for more than 40 years. These multi-volume encyclopedias explore the breadth of complex insurance in comprehensive detail. And they explain it all in plain English . They have answers for just about any question that may come up; and they're designed to help you put together detailed presentations or white papers quickly and professionally.


The electronic editions of these two classics are available together for the special price of $239.95. (That's 70 percent off of the standard combined price of $679.80 for the hard copies.) Seize this opportunity while it's available.

  The electronic editions of these Manuals come together on one CD-ROM that allows you to use the content as you need it. You can search of the texts for specific words or phrases—or you can use the tables of contents to guide yourself through specific topics. You can add your own notes to the discussion. And you can cut and paste key passages for use in white papers or presentations. Whether you're looking for plain English explanations of the intricacies of aviation coverage or the technical language to get the right CGL quote from a big carrier, these Manuals have what you need.

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