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The Merritt Insurance Manualsn

  Merritt Insurance Encyclopedia/Personal Lines Manual CD-ROM Edition
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Comprehensive analysis of standard policy forms. Detailed case studies of claims issues, disputes and resolutions. Current underwriting trends and market conditions.

INCLUDES: Homeowners, Dwelling, Renters, Theft Auto, Umbrella Liability, Inland Marine/Possessions, Health, Disability, Life

This classic insurance reference resource is now available in electronic format for easy portability and use. Install it on your computer at the office…and take it with you into the field. Use the Insurance Encyclopedia/Personal Lines for training staff, generating marketing materials and white papers for clients.

  The Details

The Merritt/PLM includes comprehensive, paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of standard policy forms; detailed case studies of claims issues, disputes and resolutions; current underwriting trends and market conditions; and thorough needs analysis tools for you and your clients.

Now you can take this classic insurance reference resource with you anywhere. More than 40 chapters organized in a half-dozen coverage sections give you more information in one place and in one format than you’ll find anywhere else in the insurance industry. The Manual is available in simple HTML format—which can be accessed with any Web browser or word processing software. Install the Merritt/PLM on your computer at the office…and put a copy on your laptop to take into the field. Add your own notes…customize the standard forms and analysis to your own (and your client’s own) needs.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

Introduction & Overview

Part I: Auto Insurance
1. Auto Coverage/Basics
2. Auto Coverage/Standard Form Analysis
3. Auto Coverage/Claims Disputes & Case Studies
4. Auto Coverage/No Fault Programs
5. Auto Coverage/Ratings
6. Auto Coverage/Needs Analysis
7. Recreational Vehicle Coverage

Part II: Homeowners & Dwelling Coverages
8. Homeowners/Basics
9. Homeowners/Standard Form Analysis
10. Homeowners/Needs Analysis
11. Homeowners/Condo
12. Dwelling/Basics
13. Dwelling/Standard Form Analysis
14. Homeowners/Disaster Planning
15. Homeowners/Claims Disputes & Case Studies

Part III: Renters Insurance, Personal Property & Theft Coverage
16. Renters & Theft/Basics
17. Renters & Theft/Needs Analysis
18. Renters & Theft/Claims Disputes & Case Studies
19. Possessions/Basics
20. Possessions/Needs Analysis

Part IV: Personal Liability Insurance
21. Personal Liability/Basics
22. Personal Liability/Standard Forms Analysis
23. Personal Liability/Needs Analysis
24. Personal Liability/Claims Disputes & Case Studies
25. Professional Liability/Basics
26. Professional Liability/Needs Analysis

Part V: Health Insurance
27. Health/Basics
28. Health/Managed Care Plans
29. Health/Medicare
30. Health/Standard Forms Analysis
31. Health/Needs Analysis
32. Health/Claims Disputes & Case Studies

Part VI: Disability Insurance & LTC Coverage
33. Disability/Basics
34. Disability/Needs Analysis
35. Disability/Claims Disputes & Case Studies
36. Workers’ Compensation/Basics
37. Workers’ Compensation/Claims Disputes & Case Studies
38. Long Term Care/Basics

Part VII: Life Insurance
39. Life/Basics
40. Life/Standard Forms Analysis
41. Life/Investments & Estate Planning
42. Life/Needs Analysis
43. Life/Ratings
44. Life/Claims Disputes & Case Studies

Part VIII: Miscellaneous Information & Appendixes
45. Specialty Insurance Policies
46. Riders, Endorsements & Other Modifications
47. Claims Strategies & Tactics
48. State Insurance Departments/Contacts

Agents, brokers, MGAs and other insurance professionals have been swearing by the Merritt/PLM for more than 30 years. Insurance schools license the content for training texts; big brokers and some insurance companies install multi-user versions on their internal systems.

Now, for the first time, the Merritt Insurance Encyclopedia/Personal Lines Manual is available on one easy-to-use CD-ROM.

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18 May 2021

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